Coastal Virginia Magazine “Top Docs”

For over 5 years, our specialists have been chosen by their peers as being the best in their field and voted Top Docs by Coastal Virginia magazine.  Their dedication to patient care to the Hampton Roads community and beyond does not go unnoticed. The physicians and advanced practice care providers of our group base their practices at Virginia’s only free-standing children’s hospital, Children’s Hospital of The King’s Daughters.

Maria Aguiar, MD Pathology

Cassyanne Aguiar, MD Rheumatology

Rana Ammoury, MD Emergency Medicine

Michelle Arzubi-Hughes, MD Emergency Medicine

Orhan Atay, MD Gastroenterology

Cristina Baldassari, MD Otolaryngology

Alice Basinger, MD Genetics

Kaitlin Blackard, MD Developmental Pediatrics

Michelle Brenner, MD Breastfeeding Medicine

Joel Brenner, MD  Sports Medicine

Julia Burden, MD Dermatology

James Burhop, DO Emergency Medicine

J. Bryan Carmody, MD Nephrology

Kyzwana Caves, MD Adolescent Medicine

Sarah Chagnon, MD Neurology

Frank Chocano, MD Pulmonology

Thomas Cholis, MD Critical Care Medicine

Joel Clingenpeel, MD Emergency Medicine

Kathryn Colacchio, MD Neonatology

Rose Cummings, DO Cardiology

David Darrow, MD Otolaryngology

Craig Derkay, MD Otolaryngology

Sanaz Devlin, MD Hospital Medicine

Charles Dillard, MD  Physical Medicine & Rehab

Susannah Dillender, MD Neonatology

Meaghan Dominy, MD Critical Care Medicine

Peter Dozier, MD Psychiatry & Psychology

Margaret Eason, MD Emergency Medicine

Wendy Edlund, MD Sleep Medicine

Jana Elliker, DO Psychiatry & Psychology

Alexander Ellis, MD Cardiology

Cynthia Epstein, MD Pulmonology

Robert Escalera, MD Cardiology

WIlson File, MD  Hematology/Oncology

Jenna Fine, DO Critical Care Medicine

Randall Fisher, MD Infectious Diseases

Jonathan Fleenor, MD Cardiology

Mariel Focseneanu, MD Ped & Adol GYN

Christopher Foley, MD Critical Care Medicine

Christos Gabriel, MD Rheumatology

Thomas Gallagher, DO Otolaryngology

Anisha Garg, MD Psychiatry & Psychology

Mary Margaret Gleason, MD Psychiatry & Psychology

Glen Green, MD Neonatology

Eric Gyuricsko, MD Endocrinology

Lopa Hartke, MD Cardiology

Cyrus Heydarian, MD Hospital Medicine

Angela Hogan, MD Allergy and Immunology

Christine Houlihan, MD Developmental Pediatrics

Justin John, MD  Anesthesiology

Edward Johnson, MD Hospital Medicine

Aisha Joyce, MD Sports Medicine

Valbona Kanarek, MD  Anesthesiology

Rupa Kapoor, MD Emergency Medicine

Christopher Karsanac, MD Anesthesiology

Jamil Khan, MD Neonatology

Michael Konikoff, MD Gastroenterology

Sameer Lapsia, MD Gastroenterology

Alexandra Leader, MD Emergency Medicine

Rianna Leazer, MD Hospital Medicine

Katrina Lesher, MD Physical Medicine & Rehab

Eric Lowe, MD Hematology/Oncology

Lara Mamikonian, MD Critical Care Medicine

Kelly Maples, MD Allergy/Immunology

Melissa Mark, MD Hematology/Oncology

Andrea Martineau, MD   Anesthesiology

Ami Mehta, MD  Pain & Palliative Care

Maripaz Morales, MD  Allergy and Immunology

Lindsey Moore, DO  Allergy and Immunology

Paul Mullan, MD Emergency Medicine

Nicole Nejedly, MD Endocrinology

Ralph Northam, MD Neurology

William Owen, MD Hematology/Oncology

Diana Pang, MD Critical Care Medicine

Linda Pegram, MD  Hematology/Oncology

Melinda Penn, MD  Endocrinology

Carl Petersen, DO  Psychiatry & Psychology

Kelli Petronis, MD  Emergency Medicine

Michael Poirier, MD Emergency Medicine

Mark Polak, MD  Anesthesiology

Crystal Proud, MD Neurology

Faiqa Qureshi, MD Emergency Medicine

John Reed, MD  Cardiology

Kent Reifschneider, MD  Endocrinology

Irene Restaino, MD   Nephrology

Melissa Russell, MD Endocrinology

Kate Ryan-Smith, MD Neonatology

Laura Sass, MD  Infectious Diseases

Marta Satin-Smith, MD Endocrinology

James Schmidt, MD Emergency Medicine

Miriam Schoepf, MD  Anesthesiology

Deborah Schofield, MD  Pathology

Carlos Sendon, MD  Pulmonology

Chie-Youn Shih, MD  Critical Care Medicine

Kyrie Shomaker, MD  Hospital Medicine

Brett Siegfried, MD Neonatology

David Smith, MD Sports Medicine

Lauren Smith, MD  Allergy and Immunology

Daniel Spencer, MD Psychiatry & Psychology

Natasha Sriraman, MD  Breastfeeding Medicine

Michael Strunc, MD    Neurology

Kenneth Tiffany, MD Neonatology

Kevin Todd, MD Hematology/Oncology

Svinder Toor, MD Neurology

Elliot Tucker, MD  Cardiology

Michael Vance, MD Cardiology

Samantha Vergano, MD Genetics

Katherine Watson, MD Hematology/Oncology

Whitney Wellenstein, MD  Ped & Adol GYN

Alice Werner, MD Pathology

Eric Werner, MD  Hematology/Oncology

Judith Williams, MD  Dermatology

Ryan Williams, MD  Neurology

Nancy Yokois, MD  Gastroenterology

Maria Aguiar, MD              Pathology

Michelle Arzubi-Hughes, MD Emergency Medicine

Alice Basinger, MD                 Genetics

Joel Brenner, MD                      Sports Medicine

J. Bryan Carmody, MD                 Nephrology

Frank Chocano, MD     Pulmonology

Kathryn Colacchio, MD              Neonatology

Craig Derkay, MD        Otolaryngology

Susannah Dillender, MD              Neonatology

Margaret Eason, MD                Emergency Medicine

Alexander Ellis, MD                 Cardiology

WIlson File, MD             Hematology/Oncology

Jonathan Fleenor, MD                        Cardiology

Christos Gabriel, MD                    Rheumatology

Mary Margaret Gleason, MD    Psychiatry & Psychology

Lopa Hartke, MD                 Cardiology

Christine Houlihan, MD            Developmental Pediatrics

Aisha Joyce, MD                          Sports Medicine

Christopher Karsanac, MD          Anesthesiology

Sameer Lapsia, MD                  Gastroenterology

Katrina Lesher, MD              Physical Medicine & Rehab

Kelly Maples, MD      Allergy/Immunology

Ami Mehta, MD                            Pain & Palliative Care

Paul Mullan, MD                Emergency Medicine

William Owen, MD                    Hematology/Oncology

Melinda Penn, MD                      Endocrinology

Michael Poirier, MD                      Emergency Medicine

Faiqa Qureshi, MD                  Emergency Medicine

Irene Restaino, MD                  Nephrology

Laura Sass, MD                  Infectious Diseases

Miriam Schoepf, MD                          Anesthesiology

Chie-Youn Shih, MD                          Critical Care Medicine

David Smith, MD                                Sports Medicine

Natasha Sriraman, MD                      Breastfeeding Medicine

Kevin Todd, MD                                  Hematology/Oncology

Michael Vance, MD                            Cardiology

Whitney Wellenstein, MD                  Ped & Adol GYN

Judith Williams, MD                            Dermatology


Cassyanne Aguiar, MD  Rheumatology

Orhan Atay, MD        Gastroenterology

Kaitlin Blackard, MD          Developmental Pediatrics

Julia Burden, MD          Dermatology

Kyzwana Caves, MD        Adolescent Medicine

Thomas Cholis, MD                 Critical Care Medicine

Rose Cummings, DO             Cardiology

Sanaz Devlin, MD                  Hospital Medicine

Meaghan Dominy, MD            Critical Care Medicine

Wendy Edlund, MD                    Sleep Medicine

Cynthia Epstein, MD          Pulmonology

Jenna Fine, DO                        Critical Care Medicine

Mariel Focseneanu, MD              Ped & Adol GYN

Thomas Gallagher, DO    Otolaryngology

Glen Green, MD                 Neonatology

Cyrus Heydarian, MD          Hospital Medicine

Justin John, MD                          Anesthesiology

Valbona Kanarek, MD             Anesthesiology

Jamil Khan, MD                    Neonatology

Alexandra Leader, MD        Emergency Medicine

Eric Lowe, MD      Hematology/Oncology

Melissa Mark, MD    Hematology/Oncology

Maripaz Morales, MD            Allergy and Immunology

Nicole Nejedly, MD                    Endocrinology

Diana Pang, MD                      Critical Care Medicine

Carl Petersen, DO                      Psychiatry & Psychology

Mark Polak, MD                  Anesthesiology

John Reed, MD                  Cardiology

Melissa Russell, MD            Endocrinology

Marta Satin-Smith, MD                      Endocrinology

Deborah Schofield, MD                    Pathology

Kyrie Shomaker, MD                          Hospital Medicine

Lauren Smith, MD                              Allergy and Immunology

Michael Strunc, MD                            Neurology

Svinder Toor, MD                              Neurology

Samantha Vergano, MD                    Genetics

Alice Werner, MD                              Pathology

Ryan Williams, MD                            Neurology



Rana Ammoury, MD         Emergency Medicine

Cristina Baldassari, MD           Otolaryngology

Michelle Brenner, MD    Breastfeeding Medicine

James Burhop, DO          Emergency Medicine

Sarah Chagnon, MD        Neurology

Joel Clingenpeel, MD              Emergency Medicine

David Darrow, MD        Otolaryngology

Charles Dillard, MD              Physical Medicine & Rehab

Peter Dozier, MD                Psychiatry & Psychology

Jana Elliker, DO                 Psychiatry & Psychology

Robert Escalera, MD        Cardiology

Randall Fisher, MD            Infectious Diseases

Christopher Foley, MD          Critical Care Medicine

Anisha Garg, MD              Psychiatry & Psychology

Eric Gyuricsko, MD               Endocrinology

Angela Hogan, MD                  Allergy and Immunology

Edward Johnson, MD            Hospital Medicine

Rupa Kapoor, MD              Emergency Medicine

Michael Konikoff, MD                       Gastroenterology

Rianna Leazer, MD              Hospital Medicine

Lara Mamikonian, MD                  Critical Care Medicine

Andrea Martineau, MD                    Anesthesiology

Lindsey Moore, DO                Allergy and Immunology

Ralph Northam, MD             Neurology

Linda Pegram, MD        Hematology/Oncology

Kelli Petronis, MD            Emergency Medicine

Crystal Proud, MD            Neurology

Kent Reifschneider, MD                    Endocrinology

Kate Ryan-Smith, MD                        Neonatology

James Schmidt, MD                            Emergency Medicine

Carlos Sendon, MD                            Pulmonology

Brett Siegfried, MD                            Neonatology

Daniel Spencer, MD                          Psychiatry & Psychology

Kenneth Tiffany, MD                          Neonatology

Elliot Tucker, MD                                Cardiology

Katherine Watson, MD                      Hematology/Oncology

Eric Werner, MD                                Hematology/Oncology

Nancy Yokois, MD                              Gastroenterology