Lynn Page, PhD



Clinical Health Psychology (ABPP)



Graduate School(s):

University of South Carolina


Pediatric Psychology, Children's Hospital of Orange County


Lynn Page, PhD is a licensed psychologist who specializes in treating children who have both psychological and medical needs.

Her specialty in pediatric health psychology specifically focuses on assessing and treating children with medical conditions. She works with children, their family members, and their medical teams to help children adjust to illness, hospitalization, and medically related concerns.

When she’s not treating children,  Dr. Page enjoys camping and traveling with her husband and children.

Clinical Interests:

  • Adjustment to Hospitalization, Illness and Injury


  • Behavioral Assessment and Interventions with Children with Medically Related Concerns

Honors and Awards:

  • Fellow: Academy of Clinical Health Psychology (2012)
  • Fellow: American Academy of Clinical Health Psychology (2007)


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Community Involvement and Memberships:

American Psychological Association, Division of Child and Adolescent Psycholog
American Psychological Association, Division of Pediatric Psychology
Reviewer, American Board of Clinical Health Psychology

Contact Info:

(757) 668-4673 (HOPE)



CHKD Main Hospital
601 Children's Ln
Norfolk, VA 23518