Lori Vanscoy, MD



American Board of Pediatrics

Pediatric Pulmonology



Medical School:

Duke University School of Medicine


Naval Medical Center San Diego


Johns Hopkins University


The U.S. Navy brought Dr. Vanscoy to the area in 2010 and she now considers Norfolk her home. During her 20-year Navy career, Dr. Vanscoy cared for children with a wide variety of chronic respiratory diseases including asthma, chronic lung disease, respiratory failure and ventilator-dependence. For six years directed the CF Center at the Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, the largest CF center in the Department of Defense, years and served as the medical director for all six of the military’s CF centers from 2012 to 2016.

She has a special interest in children with complex respiratory and gastroenterology disorders and very strongly believes that these children are best served by a collaborative, multidisciplinary team approach to care. As a mother, Dr. Vanscoy understands just how precious our children are. She is passionate about ensuring children can breathe easily and experience active lives without respiratory limitation.

Dr. Vanscoy is married, has two daughters, and is a swim mom, volunteer, and chauffeur to many music lessons and activities. When she finds a bit of free time, she enjoys reading, cooking, running, and yoga.

Honors and Awards:

Coastal Virginia Magazine "Top Doc" 2019

Naval Medical Center Portsmouth Master Clinician, 2014

Merck Manual Award for Academic Achievement, Duke University School of Medicine, 1998

Marcia Mitzner Scholarship for Pulmonary Research, Duke University School of Medicine, 1996

David R. Marsh Design Award for best senior design project in Weapons & Systems Engineering, U.S. Naval Academy, 1992


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