Lindsey Sawyer, CGC




Graduate School(s):

University of Virginia
Virginia Commonwealth University


Sawyer is a genetic counselor working with families who have genetic conditions or concerns that could have a genetic set of causes. She works with families to help them understand the natural course of conditions, the likelihood of inheriting or passing on genetic changes, and available resources.

Sawyer also handles all aspects of genetic testing. Her interest in genetics was inspired by her background in education and love of medicine and research. Previous academic work in medicine and volunteer work outside of school helped further her interest in genetics.

Genetic counseling allows her to focus on helping families navigate new diagnoses and the lifelong implications that may come with genetic conditions.

Away from work, her interests include reading, yoga, cooking and spending time with her family.

Contact Info:



CHKD Main Hospital
601 Children's Ln
Norfolk, VA 23518



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