Hannah Jones, PsyD



Medical School:

Regent University

Additional Training:

Howard University


Hannah Jones, Psy.D., is a licensed clinical psychologist. She received her doctorate in clinical psychology from Regent University in 2016. With CSG, she works primarily as an outpatient psychologist. She is also an assistant professor with the EVMS Department of Pediatrics and provides child-focused research support and mentorship to local and national psychology trainees.

Dr. Jones serves a diverse clientele in her private practice, along with providing consultation and leading trainings related to creating effective, appropriate, and culturally sensitive environments for clients, employees, and members of organizations. Her professional interests include child and adolescent development, trauma-informed care, family systems, community mental health, and cultural responsiveness.

When Dr. Jones is not working, she enjoys singing, running with her dog Daisy, and thrifting for vintage clothing.


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Community Involvement and Memberships:

American Psychological Association
Virginia Academy of Clinical Psychologists

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Children's Pavilion
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